Fair Exchange - St (1989)

    Lord Ford Sammet
    Lord Ford Sammet

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    Fair Exchange - St (1989) Empty Fair Exchange - St (1989)

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    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
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    Fair Exchange - St (1989) Empty Re: Fair Exchange - St (1989)

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    ¿no estaban puestos? Rolling Eyes  Shocked 

    Muxisimas gracias por recuperarlos, rememorarlos, recordarlos y resucitarlos mi estimado amigo

    Fair Exchange - Fair Exchange - 1989

    Fair Exchange - St (1989) Fair_e10

    Fair Exchange - St (1989) Fair_e11

    1.Changes Required   +++
    2.Will I Ever Be The Same   +++++
    3.When Love Goes   ++++
    4.Friend In Need   ++++
    5.Searching For You   ++++
    6.Why Can't You Believe   +++
    7.Don’t Give Up   +++
    8.You’re Always There   ++++
    9.Victim Of Circumstance   +++
    10. You Are The Reason   ++++
    11. The Edge  +++

    Description : Very good Aor band who I'm pretty
    sure were a Christian bunch such is the lyrical bent. Much like a cross
    between D.o.x and the secular, Synch, and a fine Aor release that never
    really mentions the "G" word but does spread a broader message in a
    subtle way. Sundays will never be the same! Released on both CD and

    Band Members : Steve Headland - Guitars
    Mark Pauley - Lead Vocals, Guitars
    Gary Zdenek - Drums, Vocals
    Mike Sumption - Keyboards, Vocals
    Tom Allain - Bass

    This CD has been released
    a long time ago and is a great CD to be overlooked and also very underground,
    The CD was released on a very small recordlabel and very hard to get. The
    debut and only(???) cd of the American band FAIR EXCHANGE was released
    on 1991.

    It contains 11 tracks,although
    2 songs are instrumental fillers. Left are 9 tracks that are very much
    recommended to the fans of A.O.R./Radiorock in the style of PREVIEW,THE
    PROMISE,WORRALL... FAIR EXCHANGE is only a tiny bit harder than these bands,but
    generally speaking it is in the same style.

    Opener “Will I ever be the
    same” has a fantastic chorus and is a pure AOR/Radiorocker a la THE PROMISE.
    We can hear a lot of great keys in the AOR-song “When love goes”. “Friend
    in need” is a great A.O.R.-ballad. “Searching for you” is a classic-sounding
    AOR/Radiorocker a la PREVIEW and is also the best song of the whole album.
    “Why can’t you believe” and “You’re always there” are 2 good AOR-songs.
    “You are the reason” is great uptempo AOR with great harmonyvocals. “Victim
    of circumstance” is the only weaker AOR-song and is sadly disturbed by
    a saxsolo.

    “Don’t give up” is another
    great AOR/Radiorocker that sounds like PREVIEW mixed with a 90’s band such
    as GHOST.

    All I can say is that FAIR
    EXCHANGE is very much recommended to every fan of AOR/Radiorock(very polished).
    I don’t know what has happened to the band since the release of 'Fair exchange'.

    Mi estimado Gonzaloaor comentaba esto:  Un buen album d AOR con buenos temas a destacar en especial el corte numero 2 Will I Ever Be The Same