Lista actualizada (1ª parte). Oferta especial 3 X 2.

    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 51

    Lista actualizada (1ª parte). Oferta especial 3 X 2. Empty Lista actualizada (1ª parte). Oferta especial 3 X 2.

    Mensaje por Picasso 2 el Jue 29 Dic 2011, 22:42

    Hola amigos,

    He actualizado la lista y pongo temporalmente una oferta 3 X 2 para compras superiores a 50 euros. ¡A ver si hago un poco de espacio para poder seguir comprando cds Very Happy

    Para cualquier cosa podéis contactarme en: fernandogromanillos@gmail.com

    Nuevas entradas:

    AELIAN A tree under the colours (Prog-AOR like 80´s era Yes) 8
    ALEX ALDAMA Alex Aldama (Westcoast) 8
    ALISHA Nightwalkin´ (1987 Lite AOR) 30
    ANNIHILATOR Schizo deluxe (3 bonus tracks) 6
    ARCHONTES The world where shadows come to life (Melodic power metal) 6
    ARTHEMIS Golden dawn (Power metal) 6
    BATTLELORE Sword´s song (Epic metal) 6
    BATTLEROAR Battleroar (Heavy metal) 6
    BEACH BOYS Spirit of America 8
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock) 4
    BERNARD WRIGHT ´Nard (Japan cd) 20
    BJORN LYNNE Wolves of the gods (Prog rock) 8
    BLIND ALLEY Destination destiny (AOR) 6
    CANNED HEAT Human condition revisited / Henry Vestine (2 cds) 8
    CAROLE BAYER SAGER Carole Bayer Sager (Westcoast - Japan cd) 15
    CONCERTO MOON Rain forest 8
    CONCERTO MOON From father to son 8
    CROSSFIRE Sharpshooter / Live attack (Heavy metal) 8
    DEDICATION Reflections of time (Heavy rock) 8
    DREAMTALE Difference (Power metal) 8
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Faces 5
    EDDA MUVEK Orokseg (Hard rock) 15
    POODLES, THE Sweet trade (Melodic rock) 7
    POPA CHUBBY Flashed back (Blues rock) 6
    PORCUPINE TREE Deadwing 7
    PRESUNTOS IMPLICADOS La noche (Spanish Westcoast / Soul - 2 cds) 8
    PRETTY BOY Metro sessions (Melodic rock) 12
    PRETTY MAIDS Sin decade 8
    PRETTY MAIDS Pretty Maids (Japan cd with OBI) 15

    Lista completa:

    10 CC Mirror mirror (Lite AOR, 1995) 4
    400 HORSES 400 Horses 4
    52nd STREET Something´s going on (Produced by Lenny White) 5
    8084 The last great train 8
    ABSOLUTE ZERO Never surrender (AOR) 15
    ACES HIGH Ten´n out 15
    ACES HIGH Forgive & forget 5
    ADAM BOMB New York times 8
    ADRIAN GURVITZ Classic songs (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 30
    ADX Live VIII sentence 8
    AELIAN A tree under the colours (Prog-AOR like 80´s era Yes) 8
    AFFAIR Face to face (Melodic rock) 8
    AIRPLAY Airplay 15
    AL STEWART Year of the cat (with bonus tracks) 4
    ALASKA The pack (4 bonus tracks) 35
    ALASKA Heart of the storm (3 bonus tracks) 35
    ALASKA Anthology (Bernie Marsden) 12
    ALCATRAZZ Live sentence 20
    ALEX ALDAMA Alex Aldama (Westcoast) 8
    ALEXANDER O´NEAL Hearsay (1987) 5
    ALIEN Shiftin´ gear 12
    ALIEN FORCE Pain and pleasure 8
    ALISHA Nightwalkin´ (1987 Lite AOR) 30
    AL JARREAU High crime (Jay Graydon, Robbie Buchanan,..) 5
    AL JARREAU Breakin´ away (Jay Graydon, David Foster, Steve Lukather,..) 5
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Enlightened rogues 4
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Win lose or draw 4
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Where it all begins 4
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Seven turns 4
    ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND Eat a peach 5
    ALOS Skorpio 69 (spanish AOR) 20
    AMANDA MARSHALL Tuesday´s child (With Richie Sambora, Paul Jackson Jr., Dean Parks,..) 4
    AMERICA Harbor (Christian AOR) 4
    AMERICAN TEARS Powerhouse (With Mark Mangold) 6
    AMERICAN TEARS Tear gas (With Mark Mangold) 6
    AMY GRANT Unguarded (1985, with Dan Huff, Michael Landau, Robbie Buchanan,..) 8
    AMY GRANT Lead me on (1988, Christian AOR) 5
    ANCARA Beyond the dark (hard Heavy Rock) 5
    ANDIRON Rock´n´roll killer 30
    ANDREW RIDGELEY Son of Albert 4
    ANGEL White hot (Japan cd with OBI) 25
    ANGEL Sinful 12
    ANGEL HOUSE The gun, the love & the cross (Melodic Rock) 20
    ANGELICA Angelica / Rock stock & Barrell 12
    ANGELO PERLEPES MYSTERY St (Like Yngwie Malmsteen Jeff Scott Soto´s era) 15
    ANGRA Freedom call 5
    ANNIHILATOR Schizo deluxe (3 bonus tracks) 6
    ANTHEM Hunting time (1989, heavy rock from Japan) 12
    ANTHONY PAULE Hiding in plain sight (Blues rock) 6
    ANTHONY PAULE Big guitar (Blues rock) 6
    AOR Dreaming of LA 8
    APOCALYPTICA Plays Metallica by four cellos 5
    ARCARA Arcara (With Russell Arcara) 5
    ARCHONTES The world where shadows come to life (Melodic power metal) 6
    ARETHA FRANKLIN Through the storm 5
    ARETHA FRANKLIN Greatest hits 1980-1994 5
    ARK Burn the sun 14
    ARMORED SAINT Delirious nomad 12
    ART GARFUNKEL Lefty (Japan cd with OBI) 12
    ARTHEMIS Golden dawn (Power metal) 6
    ARTICA As it should be (first pressing) 15
    ASIA Archiva 1 5
    ASIA Archiva 2 5
    ASIA Live in Mockba 5
    AS I LAY DYING An ocean between us 5
    ATOMIC ROOSTER Tomorrow night (2 cds) 8
    ATTRACTION 65 Attraction 65 5
    AVALON Avalon (1995, rare spanish AOR - Melodic rock, produced by Carlos Creator. Oasis Records) 50
    AXE Twenty years from home (2) 12
    AYREON Flight of the migrator 6
    AYREON The final experiment 6
    AYREON Into the electric castle (2 cds) 10
    BABYLON Babylon (Progressive rock, 1978) 15
    BACKBONE Backbone (Grateful Dead´s drummer, Blues-rock) 4
    BACKSLASH Insanity (Female fronted Heavy-Power Metal) 8
    BACKSTREET CRAWLER The band plays on (1975, Blues rock with Paul Kossoff) 4
    BAD COMPANY Anthology (2 cds) 8
    BADLANDS Voodoo highway 25
    BAGHDAD Baghdad (AOR, 1987) 80
    BAI BANG Attitude (Hard Rock) 30
    BAILEYS COMET Judgement day (Hard rock) 4
    BALANCE Balance (AOR) 12
    BANZAI Banzai (Hard Rock from Spain, 1983) 20
    BARÓN ROJO Perversiones 6
    BATTLELORE Sword´s song (Epic metal) 6
    BATTLEROAR Battleroar (Heavy metal) 6
    BATTLEROAR To death and beyond (Heavy Metal) 6
    BATTLEZONE Children of madness (Paul Dianno) 30
    BEACH BOYS Spirit of America 8
    BEARSFISH Sleeping in traffic: Part one (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    BEBE & CECE WINANS Heaven 5
    BEE GEES Size (their most AOR cds) 3
    BELLRAYS, THE The red, white & black 3
    BEN JACKSON All over you 5
    BENNY VALERIO AND TEXAS THUNDER Sorrounded by the blues (Blues rock) 4
    BERLIN Count three & pray 3
    BERNARD WRIGHT ´Nard (Japan cd) 20
    BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN You hold the key (AOR) 4
    BEYOND Beyond (Japanesse AOR) 20
    BIF NAKED Superbeautifulmonster (cardboard sleeve promo, I would trade 3 for 1) 2
    BIG APPLE Rock area 12
    BIG COUNTRY Under cover (Covers of Black Sabbath, Blue Oyster Cult, etc) 4
    BIGSTORM Living in exile (1989, Melodic rock from Australia) 4
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN Burn down the night (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BILL CHAMPLIN He started to sing 6
    BILL CHAMPLIN Though it all 6
    BILL WYMAN The solo anthology 1974-2002 (2 cds) 8
    BILLY FALCON Pretty blue world (Produced by Jon Bon Jovi. With Robbie Buchanan, Randy Jackson, etc.) 5
    BILLY GRIFFIN Respect (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 15
    BILLY IDOL Whiplash smile (Japan cd) 8
    BILLY IDOL Happy holidays 4
    BILLY JOEL Piano man 3
    BILLY JOEL Live in Leningrad (1987) 4
    BILLY OCEAN Time to move on 4
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth (1993, AOR) 5
    BISS Biss (Melodic Hard Rock 2001 - Fernando Garcia & Michael Voss) 6
    BITTER SWEET Loaded up (Melodic Hard Rock, 2 cds) 8
    B JOE Ready to ride (AOR) 15
    B JOE White white roses (AOR) 15
    BJORN LYNNE Wolves of the gods (Prog rock) 8
    BLACK AVALON Dark promises 4
    BLACK´N BLUE Without love (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BLACK´N BLUE Without love 6
    BLACK´N´BLUE Nasty nasty (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BLACKFOOT No reservations 12
    BLACK ROSE Balck Rose (1980. AOR with Cher. Original cover) 50
    BLACK SABBATH The Sabbath stones (Tony Martin years) 15
    BLACK SUN Try another world (Very rare - Hard Heavy Rock) 80
    BLIND ALLEY Destination destiny (AOR) 6
    THE BLONDES Yeah yeah yeah (Melodic rock / AOR) 30
    BLOODGOOD Rock in a hard place / Out of the darkness 15
    BLOOD RED THRONE Altered genesis (promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    BLUE 46 Blue 46 (Melodic rock) 12
    BLUE FLOYD Begins (2 cds - with Marc Ford, Allen Woody, Matt Abts,..) 8
    BLUE LAW Gonna getcha (feat. Andy Powell of Wishbone Ash) 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT A long day´s night 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Agents of fortune (remastered with 4 bonus tracks) 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Extraterrestrial live 5
    BLUE OYSTER CULT Imaginos 8
    BLUE VAN, THE The art of rolling 4
    BOBBY CALDWELL Stuck on you 6
    BOBBY KIMBALL All I ever needed (Singer of Toto) 20
    BOBBY MACK & NIGHT TRAIN Red hot and humid (Blues rock) 8
    BOBBY WOMACK Someday we´ll all be free (2 bonus tracks) 15
    BOB CATLEY Spirit of man (Pormo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    BO BICE The real thing (Southern rock) 4
    BO BICE See the light (Southern rock) 4
    BODINE Three times running (7 bonus tracks) 40
    BONEMACHINE Search and destroy (with Ted Poley) 6
    BONFIRE Feels like comin´ home 6
    BONFIRE Hot & slow - The best of the ballads 5
    BONNIE RAITT Collection (Blues rock) 3
    BONNIE TYLER Wings 12
    BONNIE TYLER Bitterblue 12
    BOSTON Greatest hits 4
    BOULEVARD Into the street (First pressing) 15
    BOUNCE THE OCEAN Bounce The Ocean (AOR, 1991, with Michael Omartian) 6
    BOYS CLUB Boys Club (AOR, with Joe Pasquale) 8
    BOYSVOICE Serenity 4
    BOZ SCAGGS Boz Scaggs (1978) 4
    BOZ SCAGGS Slow dancer 4
    BOZ SCAGGS Down two then left (Westcoast with Jeff Porcaro, Jay Graydon, M. Omartian..) 5
    BRAINSTORM Metus mortis 5
    BRIAN AUGER Here and now 5
    BRIDGE, THE The Bridge (1997 Westcoast with Michael Sembello - Japan cd) 15
    BRITISH LIONS Trouble with women (8 bonus tracks) (1982, British hard blues rock) 8
    BRITNY FOX Boys in heat (with bonus tracks) 20
    BRITTON Until the day we die (1992, Hard Rock) 12
    BROTHERS JOHNSON Look out for # 1 (Japan cd) 12
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born to run (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Born in the USA (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Tunnel of love (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN Lucky town (Mini LP replica) 8
    BRYAN ADAMS Live! Live! Live! 5
    BRYAN ADAMS Waking up the neighbours 5
    BRYAN ADAMS 18 til I die 3
    BUDDY SYSTEM, THE St (Christian AOR, 1988) 30
    BUENA VISTA SOCIAL CLUB Buena Vista Social Club (Produced by Ry Cooder) 4
    BUGGLES Adventures in modern recording (Trevor Horn & Geoff Downes, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    BUGS HENDERSON Blue music (Blues Rock) 12
    BULLET Execution (Classic Heavy Rock, 1981, 2 extra tracks) 15
    BULLET No mercy (Classic Heavy Rock, 1983, 2 bonus tracks) 15
    BULLET BOYS Bullet Boys 5
    BUNNY HULL Truth & tenderness (AOR, Japan cd) 15
    BURNING Desnudo en el Joy (2cds + dvd) 15
    BURNING FOR BUDDY A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    BURNING FOR BUDDY VOL. II A tribute to the music of Buddy Rich (Produced by Neil Peart of Rush) 7
    BURNS BLUE What if… (AOR) (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    CACUMEN Cacumen (pre-Bonfire) 5
    CACUMEN Bad widow (pre-Bonfire) 6
    CACUMEN Down to hell (pre-Bonfire) 6
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Starting out 8
    CADILLAC BLUES BAND Poison booze 20
    CANDLEMASS Ancient dreams (2 cds) 12
    CANNATA Watching the world (2 bonus tracks) (AOR) 12
    CANNATA Watching the world (first pressing) (AOR) 12
    CANNED HEAT Human condition revisited / Henry Vestine (2 cds) 8
    CANNED HEAT Burnin´ live (Classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Boogie 2000 (Classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Internal combustion (classic blues-rock) 4
    CANNED HEAT Reheated (classic blues-rock) 4
    CARAVAN Travelling ways (2 cds) 9
    CARL VERHEYEN Atlas overload 3
    CAROLE BAYER SAGER Carole Bayer Sager (Westcoast - Japan cd) 15
    CASABLANCA Apostando contra el avestruz (Spanish hard rock) 6
    CASABLANCA Cuatro discos y un día (1983-2005) (Spanish hard rock) 6
    CASANOVA Heroes 15
    CASANOVA One night stand 8
    CATS IN BOOTS Kicked & klawed (1989, Glam-sleazy) 20
    CELINE DION A new day has come 3
    CELINE DION The colour of my love 3
    CELINE DION let´s talk about love 3
    CHAKA KHAN What cha´ gonna do for you (1981) 5
    CHAKA KHAN I feel for you (1984) 4
    CHAKA KHAN The woman I am 4
    CHALICE Digital Bulevard (hard rock) 5
    CHAMPION featuring ALEX MACHINE st (1984, Classic AOR from Canada, Long Island Records) 15
    CHEAP TRICK Rockford (digipack) 5
    CHICAGO 18 5
    CHICAGO Stone of Sisyphus 5
    CHINCHILLA Madness 3
    CHRIS CATENA Freak out! 20
    CHRIS CATENA Discovery (Melodic Rock) 5
    CHRIS DE BURGH At the end of a perfect day (1977) 4
    CHRIS REA The road to hell part 2 4
    CHRIS REA The blue jukebox 4
    CHRISTINE McVIE Christine McVie 4
    CHROMA KEY You go now (Progressive metal with Kevin Moore) 20
    CINEMA FACE Cinema Face 8
    CINEMA FACE Face card 4
    CIRCUS MAXIMUS Isolate (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    CITA Heat of emotion (AOR, ex-AXE) 6
    CITY BOY City Boy (1976, Classic AOR with Mike Slamer) 12
    CITY BOY Young men gone west 12
    CLASSIC ROCK SOCIETY Unprogged (John Wetton, Ezra, Clive Nolan,..) 5
    CLAY AIKEN On my way here (Christian AOR) 5
    CLIF MAGNESS Solo (Great AOR / Westcoast) 12
    CLOCKWISE Nostalgia (Hard Rock) 6
    COASTLINE BAND The Coastline Band (Blues-rock) 5
    COBRA First strike (AOR, 1983, with Jimmy Jamison of Survivor) 20
    COCO MONTOYA Ya think I´d know better (blues-rock) 5
    COHEED AND CAMBRIA Good Apollo Burning Star IV 5
    COLD CHISEL Last stand (With Jimmy Barnes) 12
    COLDSPELL Infinite stargaze 8
    COLIN BASS In the meantime 6
    COLIN BASS Live at Polskie Radio 3 (2 cds) 12
    COLIN JAMES Then again (Blues-rock) 5
    COLOSSEUM The Reunion concerts 1994 5
    COLOUR CLUB In the flow (Black soul music) 3
    COMMANDER CODY AND HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN The early years 1967-1970 (Digipack 2 cds) (Blues Rock) 10
    COMPANY OF WOLVES Shakers and tamborines (Hard rock) 8
    CONCERTO MOON Rain forest 8
    CONCERTO MOON From father to son 8
    CONDITION RED II (Prog-metal) 5
    CONQUEST Worlds apart (Hard Rock) 5
    CONTAGIOUS The calling (melodic rock) 8
    CORNERSTONE Arrival (Japan cd with OBI) 18
    COZ Deja vu (spanish hard rock) 5
    CRAAFT Craaft (German melodic rock) 8
    CRACK THE SKY From the greenhouse 5
    CRAIG McLACHLAN Hands free 8
    CRIMES OF PASSION Crimes of passion 8
    CROSSFIRE Sharpshooter / Live attack (Heavy metal) 8
    CROWN OF THORNS Killer thorns (Japan cd) 10
    CROWN OF THORNS Crown jewels (3 cds) 15
    CRY HAVOC Fuel that feeds the fire 4
    CYGNUS AND THE SEA MONSTERS One night in Chicago (with Mike Portnoy and Paul Gilbert) 25
    D´MOLLS st (1988, Sleazy-Glam) 25
    DAD No fuel left for the pilgrims (Japan cd) 12
    DAKOTA Looking back - The anthology (2 cds) 15
    DAMNED NATION Just what the doctor ordered 9
    DAN FOGELBERG The innocent age (2 cds) 9
    DAN FOGELBERG The wild places 6
    DAN LUCAS 2000! (AOR, with Kane Roberts, John Pierce, etc.) 15
    DAN SEALS Rebel heart (1983, Westcoast) (2) 25
    DAN PEEK All things are possible (Jap. With OBI) (1984, AOR, ex-America) 18
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Look what you´ve done 4
    DANCE WITH A STRANGER Fool´s paradise 4
    DANE DONOHUE St (Japan cd with OBI. Westcoast with Jay Graydon, Jay Winding, Larry Carlton,..) 20
    DANGER Danger (Mausoleum Classix, 1981, Heavy Rock) 20
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! 8
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! (with bonus cd "Down and dirty live") 25
    DANIELE LIVERANI Daily trauma 5
    DANNY WILDE Any man´s hunger 20
    DARE Blood from stone 15
    DARE FORCE Fire power (Heavy Rock) 8
    DARYL HALL Soul alone 5
    DAVE NERGE´S BULLDOG The return of Mr. Nasty (Anders and Jens Johansson, Benny Jansson,..) 40
    DAVID + DAVID Boomtown 5
    DAVID BOWIE Tonight 4
    DAVID BOWIE Let´s dance 4
    DAVID BOWIE The platinum collection (3 cds) 12
    DAVID GILMOUR On an island 5
    DAVID LEE ROTH The best 5
    DAVID MULLEN Revival (1989) 5
    DAVID PALAU Divertimento (Spanish melodic rock) 8
    DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (2007, Escape Music) 6
    DC DRIVE DC Drive (1993, Melodic Rock with Michael Romeo) 6
    DEAD TO FALL Everything I touch falls to pieces 5
    DeBARGE The definitive collection 5
    DEDICATION Reflections of time (Heavy rock) 8
    DEEP PURPLE Shades of Deep Purple (5 bonus tracks) 5
    DEF LEPPARD Adrenalize 5
    DEL AMITRI Change everything 4
    DEL AMITRI Waking hours 4
    DEMON Spaced out monkey 4
    DEMON DRIVE Heroes 5
    DEN OF THIEVES Honour amongst thieves (Melodic Rock) 8
    DEODATO Happy hour (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Motion (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEODATO Night cruiser (Japan mini LP-cd with OBI) 15
    DEREK SHERINIAN Mythology 6
    DEREK TRUCKS BAND Joyful noise 6
    DEROSSO Ossimoro 5
    DESTRUCTION Mad butcher + Eternal devastation 5
    DETECTIVE Detective (1977) 8
    DIAMOND HEAD Borrowed time (1982, Japan cd) 12
    DIANA ROSS Baby it´s me (1977) 40
    DIANA ROSS Diana (1980, produced by Bernard Edwards & Nile Rodgers) 3
    DIANA ROSS Why do fools fall in love (1981) 3
    DIANA ROSS The boss 3
    DIANA ROSS Take me higher 3
    DIARY To the edge and beyond (Melodic Hard Rock) (3) 15
    DICKEY BETTS & GREAT SOUTHERN Atlanta´s burning down (Southern rock) 15
    DIMMU BORGIR In sorte diaboli (cd + dvd) 15
    DIMMU BORGIR World misanthropy (2 dvd + cd) 15
    DIO Lock up the wolves 6
    DIO Magica 5
    DIRTY LOOKS Turn of the screw 8
    DIXIE DREGS Night of the living dregs 5
    DIXIE DREGS Full circle 5
    DOC HOLLIDAY Danger zone (2 bonus tracks) 15
    DOKKEN Dokken (Jap. With OBI) 30
    DOMAIN One million light years from home 8
    DOMINOE Keep in touch (AOR, Japan cd with OBI) 30
    DOMINOE The key (First pressing) 40
    DONALD FAGEN Morph the cat 5
    DON FELDER Airborne (1983, Ex-Eagles, with Kenny Loggins, Jeff Lorber,..) 6
    DONNA SUMMER All systems go 15
    DONNAS, THE Gold medal (bonus dvd) 6
    DONNAS, THE Spend the night 5
    DONNIE MILLER One of the boys 5
    DON PATROL A wire, a deal and the devil 10
    DOOBIE BROTHERS Sibling rivalry 4
    DOOBIE BROTHERS Farewell tour 30
    DORIAN GRAY Journey of mind (2) 20
    DORIAN GRAY Man in the dark 20
    DORIAN GRAY World of lies 20
    DOUBLE DEALER Moving target 5
    DOYLE BRAMHALL II Welcome (Blues rock) 5
    DR. SIN Shadows of light (with Mike Vescera on vocals) 6
    DRAGONLAND The battle of the ivory plains (Symphonic/Power Metal from Sweden) 8
    DRAGONLAND Holy war (Symphonic/Power Metal from Sweden) 8
    DREAM ACADEMY, THE Remembrance days 4
    DREAMTALE Difference (Power metal) 8
    DREAM THEATER When dream and day unite 6
    DREAM THEATER Falling into infinity 5
    DREAM THEATER Score (3 cds) 15
    DRIVE Characters in time (heavy rock, 1988) 15
    DRIVEN Self inflicted (Tracy G, Mike Terrana) 4
    DRIVE SHE SAID Drivin´ wheel 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Excelerator 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Road to paradise, Best of 20
    DUNE O.S.T. (Toto) 4
    DWAYNE FORD Needless freaking (AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 30
    EARGASM DNA (Prog-Metal) 6
    EARTHSHAKER The very best of (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    EARTHSHAKER Midnight flight (Japan cd) 15
    EARTH WIND & FIRE Faces 5
    EARTH, WIND & FIRE Millennium 4
    EARTH, WIND & FIRE That´s the way of the world 4
    EAST TO WEST North of the sky (Lite AOR with Michael Landau, Vinnie Colaiuta, Abraham Laboriel,..) 5
    ECHOPARK Pretty lies (Ex-Eloy, with Herman Frank and Zeno Roth) 5
    EDDA MUVEK Orokseg (Hard rock) 15
    EDDIE & THE TIDE I do it for you 12
    EDDIE HARDIN You can´t teach an old dog new tracks (1977. With Ian Paice, Roger Glover, etc.) 15
    EDEN Oblivion 6
    EDDIE MONEY Ready Eddie (Plus bonus live cd) 8
    EDGAR WINTER Mission earth 5
    EDGAR WINTER GROUP With Rick Derringer 6
    EDGE OF FOREVER Another paradise 5
    EGDON HEATH Nebula (Prog-Metal) 6
    EGYPT Preserving the dead 8
    EGYPT Hammer 6
    ELECTRIC LIGHT OTCHESTRA Eldorado (2 bonus tracks) 4
    ELECTRIC LIGHT OTCHESTRA Out of the blue 6
    ELECTRIC SUN Earthquake (Uli Jon Roth) 6
    ELEKTRADRIVE Elektradrive (with full package) (AOR) 15
    ELDRITCH Reverse 8
    ELIZABETH LEE You got that right (Blues rock) 8
    ELKIE BROOKS No more the fool 5
    ELTON JOHN 21AT33 4
    ELTON JOHN The one 4
    ELYTE Unno (Spanish AOR / Melodic rock) 30
    EMBARGO Panem et circenses (Heavy metal) 20
    EMBASSY Edge of rainbow (Melodic hard rock) 12
    EMERALD RAIN Short sighted 4
    EMERSON, LAKE & PALMER Live at the Royal Albert Hall 4
    EQUAL LOUDNESS CURVE Let it roll 6
    ERIC AMBEL & ROSCOES GANG Loud & Lonesome 8
    ERIC BURDON My secret life (promotional. I would trade 2 for 1) 2
    ERIC CLAPTON 461 Ocean Boulevard 4
    ERIC CLAPTON Slowhand 4
    ERIC MARTIN Eric Martin (2) 15
    ERIC MARTIN I´m only fooling myself (With Richie Zito, Tim Pierce, …) 12
    ERIC MARTIN Sucker for a pretty face (5 bonus tracks) 15
    ERIC TAGG Time for a miracle (2010, Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    ESCAPE CLUB, THE Wild wild west 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler) 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler) 5
    ETHEREAL The dreams of yearning (like Paradise Lost or Sentenced) 12
    EUPHORIA At the speed of light 3
    EUROPE Europe 6
    EVENRUDE One size fits all (4 bonus tracks) 8
    EVERON Fantasma 5
    EVERY MOTHER´S NIGHTMARE Smokin´ Delta Voodoo 8
    EXMORTEM Nihilistic contentment (pormo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    EXPLORERS We always want (Melodic Rock from Canada) 30
    EYES Windows of the soul 20
    EYES Full moon (the lost studio sessions) 10
    EYEWITNESS Eyewitness (Ralph Santolla) 12
    FACE TO FACE One big day 35
    FAHRENHEIT Talking ´bout love 15
    FAIR WARNING Early warnings 92-95 (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    FAITH HILL There you´ll be 4
    FAITHFUL BREATH Fading beauty (Prog rock, 1973) 15
    FANDANGO The best of (Jap. With OBI) (With Joe Lynn Turner) 25
    FAIR WARNING Brother´s keeper 8
    FAR NORTH What? (first pressing) (Melodic Rock from Sweden) 12
    FASTWAY On target reworked 8
    FASTWAY The collection 6
    FATAL ATTRACTION Simplicity rules (AOR) 12
    FATE Cruisin´ for a bruisin 15
    FATE Scratch´n sniff 15
    FATE V 8
    FERDY DOERNBERG Just a piano and a handful of dreams (Ex-Rough Silk and Axel Rudy Pell) 15
    FERROBLUES Mondongo (Spanish blues rock) 5
    FICTIONPLANE Left side of the brain 4
    FILTHY LUCRE Popsmear (with Phil Lewis) 8
    FIREBIRD No. 3 6
    FIREBIRD Hot wings (Heavy Rock) 15
    FIREFLY Automatic 4
    FIRE WITH FIRE Fire with fire 8
    FIREWORKS MAGAZINE (all with promo cds) 1, 2 5
    FISH Yang (Marillion vocalist) 6
    FISH Yin (Marillion vocalist) 6
    FISH Suits 5
    FLAMETAL Master of the aire (Flamenco-Metal) 12
    FLESH & BLOOD Blues for daze (Super Bluesy Hard Rock with Danny Vaughn, Al Pitrelli and Mark Mangold) 30
    FM Only the strong 15
    FM Black noise 35
    FOCUS Hocus Pocus - The best of 8
    FOGHAT Last train home (digi-pack) 6
    FOR ABSENT FRIENDS Faf out of hal (Prog Rock) 9
    FORCEFIELD IV Let the wild run free (Graham Bonnet, Cozy Powell, Don Airey,..) 30
    FOREIGNER Gold collection 4
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 5 D.D.T. (1984) . Madd Hatter (1984) - Dark Knight 15
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 6 Stormtrooper (1985) . Avalon (1988) - Emmy Strut (1985) 15
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 7 Heathens Rage (1986) - Mainiax (1986) - Thatcher (1985) 15
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 10 Crypt ( 1987) - White Hott (1987) - Kratos (1984) 15
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 12 Mysstress (1986) - Disciple (1986) - Mark Lowery (1985) 15
    FORGOTTEN METAL VOL. 13 Child Saint (1988) - Proud Existance (1984) - Shelder (1988) 15
    FORSALE Stranger in town (1988, featuring Steve Lee & Leo Leoni of Gotthard) 20
    FORTUNE Fortune (AOR) 20
    FORTUNE Calling spirits (Hard rock) 15
    FOZZY Happenstance (Heavy Rock) 5
    FREAK KITCHEN Appetizer 15
    FREAK KITCHEN Freak Kitchen 12
    FREDERIKSEN / PHILLIPS Frederiksen / Phillips 30
    FREE At last (remastered + 6 bonus tracks) 5
    FREE Highway (remastered + 6 bonus tracks) 5
    FREE Free (remastered + 10 bonus tracks) 5
    FREE Heartbreaker (remastered + 6 bonus tracks) 5
    FREE Tons of sobs (remastered + 8 bonus tracks) 5
    FREEDOM CALL Eternity (Promo, Autographed) 2
    FREEFALL Rebel hard 5
    FROGWINGS Croakin´ at Toad´s (With Derek Trucks, John Popper, Marc Quiñones,..) 8
    FROM BEHIND Game over (with Nicky Moore, Manny Charlton,..) 5
    FROM THE INSIDE Visions (With Danny Vaughn) 5
    FRONTRUNNER Up-n-Cummin 8
    FROST Out in the cold (with Ted Poley, Jeff Martin,…) 6
    FULL BLOWN MOSEY Temporal cadence (Hard rock) 6
    FUNNY MONEY Funny Money (Hard rock) 8
    GALLAHAD Celtic Rock 5
    GALAXY GROUP Galaxy Group (AOR) 40
    GALLOWS POLE Exorcism (Heavy rock) 12
    GARSED & HELMERICH Exempt 40
    GATH BROOKS The hits 4
    GARY HUGHES Gary Hughes (1992) 25
    GENAI Heavens not so far away (Japan cd) 8
    GENESIS Turn it on again - Best of ´81-´83 4
    GENTLE GIANT Civilian 30
    GEORGE LYNCH Sacred groove 5
    GEORGE LYNCH Orchestral mayhem 5
    GIRAFFE Giraffe (Best of two albums, 17 tracks) 50
    GIRLSCHOOL Nightmare at Maple Cross 15
    GIRLSCHOOL Legacy (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    GIUFFRIA Giuffria 15
    GIUFFRIA Silk and steel (Bonus track) 15
    GIUNTINI PROJECT II (Tony Martin) 25
    GLADYS KNIGHT Just for you 5
    GLEN BURTNICK Palookaville (AOR) 15
    GLENN HUGHES From now on.. 20
    GLENN HUGHES Songs in the key of rock 6
    GLENN HUGHES Blues (with John Norum, Warren DeMartini, Richie Kotzen, Mick Mars,..) 20
    GLENN HUGHES Building the machine 6
    GLENN HUGHES The way it is 6
    GLENN HUGHES Music for the divine 6
    GOONIES, THE O.S.T. (1985, Japan cd with OBI) 12
    GORKY PARK Gorky Park 15
    GORKY PARK Moscow calling (AOR) 30
    GOTTHARD Domino effect (Limited Tour edition including bonus cd) 12
    GO WEST Dancing on the couch 5
    GO WEST Futurenow 12
    GRAHAM BONNET Here comes the night 15
    GRAHAM BONNET The day I went mad (with Vivian Campbell, Bruce Kulick, Danny Johnson,..) 10
    GRAND FUNK RAILROAD Inside lookin´ out (Live) 4
    GRAND PRIX Samurai 40
    GRAND SLAM (PHIL LYNOTT) Twilight´s last gleaming (2 cds) (2) 8
    GRANT LYLE Traces (Blues rock) 6
    GRATEFUL DEAD The Arista years (2 cds) 12
    GREAT WHITE Stick it (5 bonus tracks) 8
    GREAT WHITE Live in London (Jap. Cd with OBI) 20
    GREAT WHITE Recovery: Live! 5
    GREEN BULLFROG, THE Sessions (1971, Ritchie Blackmore and Ian Paice) 30
    GREG KOCH 4 days in the south (full promo) 3
    GREG LAKE King Biscuit (with Gary Moore) 8
    GREY LADY DOWN Forces (Prog-Rock) 5
    GRIFFEN Life - A way to die (Hard melodic rock ) 6
    GRIM REAPER Fear no evil 12
    GRIM REAPER See you in hell 12
    GTM No more walls 12
    GTS Time stood still (AOR) 60
    GUNHILL Nightheat (John Lawton) 8
    HALFORD Resurrection 5
    HAMISH THE MAC River of hope 6
    HAMMER OF THE GODS Two nights in North America (2 cds, Tribute to Led Zeppelin) 15
    HANOI ROCKS Decadent dangerous delicious (2 cds) 9
    HARD RAIN hard rain (Ex-Magnum) 6
    HARD RAIN When the good times come (Ex-Magnum) 6
    HARLOW Now and then 10
    HAVEN Haven (Female fronted melodic rock) 5
    HAWAII Loud wild and heavy / One nation underground 40
    HAWKWIND Welcome to the future (2 cds) 12
    HAYWIRE Bad boys (1986, AOR) 8
    HEADLINE Heartstream (Melodic rock) 6
    HEADLINE Duality (2 cds) (Melodic Prog Metal) 8
    HEADPINS Anthology ( 8
    HEADSTONE Wings of eternity (Heavy rock) 8
    HEART A lovemongers´ Christmas 6
    HEARTLAND As it comes (AOR) 8
    HEAT, THE Untold story vol. I (classic AOR) 20
    HEAT, THE Untold story vol. II (classic AOR) 20
    HEAVEN Knockin´ on heaven´s door (7 bonus tracks) 12
    HEAVEN Where angels fear to thread 8
    HEAVEN & HELL Radio City Music Hall Live 2007 (2 cds) 9
    HEAVEN´S EDGE Some other place, some other time 8
    HEAVEN´S FIRE The outside (Hard Rock from Canada) 7
    HEAVY PETTIN Rock ain´t dead (Polydor first pressing) 12
    HELIX Back for another taste 8
    HELLFUELED Born II Rock (Heavy Metal, like Black Sabbath) 4
    HELLOISE Polarity 40
    HELLOISE Cosmogony 40
    HELLOWEEN Keeper of the seven keys - Part I 6
    HELSTAR Burning star 8
    HELSTAR Remmants of war 8
    HENRY JOHNSON Organic (Fusion, with Nancy Wilson) 6
    HIGH ON FIRE Death is this communion 5
    HIGHEST DREAM Far away from here (AOR) 6
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts (AOR) 6
    HOBBIT All for the one (Pomp AOR) 6
    HOBBIT Rockin´the shire 6
    HOLY WATER The collected sessions 8
    HOME Paude for a hoarse horse / Home (Classic Rock) 5
    HOT NIGHT IN THE CITY V.A. (Bystander, Everest,..) 15
    HOWE II High gear 15
    HUE AND CRY Seduced and abandoned (Lite AOR) 4
    HUNDRED YEARS Hundred Years 4
    HUSH Hush featuring Robert berry (AOR) 8
    HYBRID ICE Hybrid Ice (Classic Pomp AOR) 20
    I-TEN Taking a cold look (Fantastic AOR) 15
    IAIN ASHLEY HERSEY Fallen Angel (Hard Rock) 5
    IAN GILLAN Toolbox 5
    IAN LLOYD & STORIES Travelling underground 25
    IAN MOORE Ian Moore (Blues rock) 5
    IAN PARRY Symphony of dreams (AOR) 15
    IMPERIALS Let the wind blow (Cover is a copy) 6
    IN EXTREMO 7 12
    IN EXTREMO Saengerkrieg (Digi pack cd+dvd) 15
    INFERNOPHONIC Spark it up (Hard Rock) 5
    IN FLAMES Whoracle 6
    IN FLAMES A sense of purpose (cd + dvd) 12
    INDECENT OBSESSION Relativity (Lite AOR) 6
    INNES SIBUN Stardust (Blues rock) 8
    INSANIA Insania (Hard Rock, 1992) 8
    IRON FIRE On the edge 5
    IRON MAIDEN Powerslave (EMI Bonus cd edition) 40
    IRON MAIDEN Somewhere in time (EMI Bonus cd edition) 40
    IRON MAIDEN Brave new world 5
    IT BITES The big lad in the windmill 5
    JACK BRUCE BAND, THE Live ´75 (2 cds) 12
    JADED HEART Inside out 30
    JAILHOUSE Jailhouse (Hard Rock) 9
    JAN AKKERMAN Heartware (8 bonus tracks) 12
    JAN JOHANSEN X my heart 8
    JANCREE The solitary dream (Hard rock) 50
    JAUGERNAUT Contra-Mantra 8
    JAUGERNAUT Take em there (20th Anniversary Edition) 20
    JAVAN Somewhere in the night (Melodic rock) 15
    JAVIER MIRA Grabaciones inéditas I (Spanish Hard Rock. ExTriton) 8
    JAY HOOKS Jay Hooks (blues rock. Full promo) 3
    JAY HOOKS Red line (Blues Rock) 3
    JEAN BEAUVOIR Chameleon (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JEAN MICHEL JARRE Images - The best of 4
    JEANNIE BRYSON I love beeing here with you (Jazz vocal) 5
    J.D. SOUTHER Home by dawn (with Don Henley, Linda Ronstadt, etc.) 6
    JEFF AUSTIN PROJECT Go big or stay home (AOR) 5
    JEFF BECK Blow by blow 4
    JEFF BECK Flash 4
    JEFF BERLIN Crossroads (with Jeff Porcaro, Frank Gambale, Neil Peart,..) 5
    JEFF CHAZ Tired of being lonely (Blues rock) 20
    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE Jefferson Airplane (1989) 6
    JEFFERSON AIRPLANE High flying bird - Live at the Monterey Festival 5
    JEFFERSON STARSHIP Red octopus 4
    JEFFERSON STARSHIP Modern times (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    JEFF KOLLMAN Into the unknown 6
    JEFF PARIS Wire up (AOR) 15
    JEFF PARIS Race to paradise 20
    JEFF PITCHELL Heavy hitter (Blues rock) 5
    JEFF SCOTT SOTO Love parade 8
    JEFFREY OSBORNE Emotional 4
    JERUSALEM Classics 2 40
    JERZY GRUNWALD So much to say (Great AOR-Westcoast with Bill Champlin, Joseph Williams..) 12
    JESSE DAMON The hand that rocks 5
    JETHRO TULL Benefit 5
    JETHRO TULL Dot com 5
    JETHRO TULL Roots to branches 5
    JETHRO TULL Catfish rising 5
    JET TRAIL Edgo of existence (melodic rock) 5
    JGB Welcome to our world (Jam Band) 5
    JIMMY SPACEK Sweet Texas soul (Southern Blues rock) 20
    JIMMY SPACEK No turning back (Southern blues rock) 20
    JIMMY WEBB Ten easy pieces (Westcoast) 12
    JOE BONAMASSA Sloe gin (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    JOE COCKER One night of sin 4
    JOE LYNN TURNER Undercover 2 20
    JOE PERRY PROJECT Once a rocker always a rocker 20
    JOE SATRIANI Time machine (2 cds) 10
    JOE SATRIANI Crystal planet 5
    JOE SATRIANI Joe Satriani 5
    JOE SATRIANI Strange beautiful music 5
    JOE TURNER Live: Shake, rattle and roll (with Mike Bloomfield on guitar) 3
    JOHANSSON BROTHERS, THE The last viking 12
    JOHN BONGIOVI The Power Station years 5
    JOHN ILLSLEY Never told a soul 12
    JOHN LAWTON & STEVE DUNNING Steppin´ it up 20
    JOHN LAWTON BAND Sting in the tale 20
    JOHNNY CASH American III: Solitary man 5
    JOHNNY ENGSTROM BAND From birth to chaos (Prog metal) 20
    JOHNNY LEE MICHAELS REVENGE United states of mind (1988, Finnish AOR with bluesy touch) 40
    JOHNNY MATHIS Because you loved me (The songs of Diane Warren with Michael Landau, Dean Parks, ..) 6
    JOHN PARR Man with a vision (AOR) 15
    JON ANDERSON Change we must (Yes vocalist) 4
    JORDAN RUDESS Feeding the wheel (with Steve Morse, John Petrucci, Billy Seehan, etc.) (2) 6
    JORGE SALAN The utopian sea of clouds (Great spanish guitarrist) 6
    JOSHUA PERAHIA Surrender (2) 15
    JOURNEY Generations (promo in carboard sleeve - I would trade 2 or 3 for 1) 2
    JOURNEY Time 1, 2, 3 (without big cardboard box) 15
    JUDAS PRIEST Priest, live & rare 20
    JUDAS PRIEST Sad wings of destiny 6
    JUDAS PRIEST Unleashed in the east 5
    JUDAS PRIEST Never satisfied 4
    JUICE NEWTON Old flame / Dirty looks (Westcoast with Alan Pasqua, Vince Dicola, Fred Tackett, etc.) 9
    JUICY LUCY Juicy Lucy / Lie back and enjoy it (Blues rock) 10
    JUKEBOX HEROES Jukebox Heroes (Melodic Rock) 80
    JULIAN SAS Where will it end? (Blues Rock) 6
    JULLIET Julliet (Hard Rock produced by Frankie Sullivan, 1990) 15
    JUNKHOUSE Strays 3
    KAIPA Notes from the past (Prog rock) 8
    KAIPA Keyholder (Progrock) 8
    KALABAN Don´t panic (prog-rock) 9
    KANSAS Vinyl confessions 40
    KANSAS King Biscuit (Live with Steve Morse) 6
    KARLA Karla (1990, Melodic Hard Rock) 12
    KARLA BONOFF Wild heart of the young (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KARLA BONOFF Restless nights (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 25
    KARMA Inside the eyes (Prog metal like ARK, Conception, etc.) 8
    KEE MARCELLO Shine on (Europe guitarrist) 40
    KEITH SCOTT Heavy blues (Blues rock) 30
    KEN HENSLEY The anthology 8
    KEN HENSLEY Blood on the highway (promo) 2
    KEN McMAHAN & SLUMPY BOY St (Blues southern rock) 8
    KENNY BURKE Changes (Japan cd with OBI) 20
    KENNY LOGGINS Outside from the redwoods (Lite OAR) 5
    KENNY LOGGINS The unimaginable life (Lite AOR) 5
    KENNY THOMAS Voices (Lite AOR) 3
    KICK New horizon ( with bonus cd) 8
    KICK AXE Rock the world (1 bonus track) 8
    KID JONNY LANG & THE BIG BAND St (Blues rock) 3
    KID ROCK Rock n roll Jesus (Southern rock) 5
    KILLER Broken silence 15
    KILLER Fatal attraction 8
    KILLER Shock waves (2) 8
    KILLER Ready for hell / Wall of sound 12
    KILLING TOUCH One of a king (Heavy rock) 6
    KING CRIMSON Sleepsless / The concise King Crimson 8
    KING DIAMOND & BLACK ROSE 20 years ago - A night of rehearsal 12
    KING JAMES King James (with Robert Sweet, Tim Gaines, Rex Carroll,..) 15
    KING JAMES The fall 8
    KING KARMA King Karma (Z Records) 6
    KING OF DARKNESS Triple Whammy 5
    KING OF HEARTS King of hearts 20
    KING OF HEARTS Joy will come 25
    KINKS, THE The singles collection (2 cds, Autographed by Ray Davies) 8
    KIN PING MEH Kin Ping Meh (1972, Hard Blues Rock - Digi pack) 18
    KIRK The final dance (Heavy rock produced by Dennis Ward) 5
    KISS Sonic boom (Special edition - 2 cds + dvd, Live in Buenos Aires) 15
    KIX Kix 5
    KIX Cool kids 5
    KIX Blow my fuse 5
    KOOL & THE GANG State of affairs 4
    KORITNI Red live joint (cd + dvd) 15
    KRISTLE I can´t let go (Westcoast, Japan cd with OBI) 40
    KROKUS Stampede 8
    KUNI Fucked up! (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    L.A. Unfinished business (2 cds) 6
    LANA LANE Covers collection 6
    LANCE While the giant sleeps (AOR) 20
    LAND OF TALES Land of Tales (Melodic rock) 5