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    Sky Ferreira's Unreleased Songs Query Empty Sky Ferreira's Unreleased Songs Query

    Mensaje por Donnieclark el Lun 04 Sep 2017, 10:19

    I've only recently started to get into Sky Ferreira's music. I'm not so keen on her very early 'poppier' stuff but I love her debut album and some of her more recent E.P's. I was reading that she recorded hundreds of songs that have never been officially released (much like the wonderful Lana Del Rey has done) and was wondering how many of them may have leaked online (again much like many of Lana's songs have). I had a look on YouTube and found a couple of songs I hadn't heard but I don't really know what titles to search for. Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of all the songs Sky has recorded (but hasn't officially released) that are available to listen to online, please? I'm keen to hear more of her music as I think she's a very talented artist.

    Of her officially released material my favourite songs of hers are: I Will, Ghost, Red Lips, Everything Is Embarrassing, 24 Hours, Nobody Asked Me, I Blame Myself, Sad Dream, I Can't Say No To Myself, I'm On Top and Night Time, My Time.

    Anyone else like her?
    Please Help !
    Thanks !
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