MAVERICK - Break It Up

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    MAVERICK - Break It Up Empty MAVERICK - Break It Up

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Mar 02 Jun 2015, 15:33

    MAVERICK is a Hard n’ Heavy band formed in 2014 in Madrid, Spain, fronted and formed by Javier Endara, ex-Wild´s frontman, on this project as a bass player.

    Javier Endara has gathered forces with other great experienced musicians, Ángel Muñóz (ex-Steel Horse, Nigromante) on Lead and Rythm Guitar, Chris Giardino (ex-Eldorado) on Drums, David Requejado (ex-Perfect Smile, Alborea) as Frontman and the youth and tasteful of Alejandro Gabasa (Leather Heart) on Lead and Rythm Guitar.

    According to the band, Endara says “Our vision of the best elements of the great Hard n’ Heavy rock era of the 80’s, with the 80’s production sounds, like a mix between Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake’s early albums, Judas Priest’s hard n’ pounders songs with the elegance of bands like Boston or Foreigner”. HARD ROCK with CLASS !

    MAVERICK are currently finishing the recording of their first release "Break It Up" that will be released in Europe through INFERNO Records !

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