A.C.T - DVD/Blu-ray en directo

    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 24180
    EDAD : 53
    LOCALIZACIÓN : .......

    A.C.T - DVD/Blu-ray en directo Empty A.C.T - DVD/Blu-ray en directo

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Lun 09 Jun 2014, 18:33

    De su facebook:

    "What have we been doing the last few months? Ah, yes, we have planned, we have sketched, and we have been preparing ourselves for this coming weekend. And what’s going on this weekend? Well, we are recording a DVD/Blu-ray! Yes, you read that right – A.C.T is finally doing a live recording. What we have done is this – we have rented a huge empty warehouse and on Thursday we are going up to Tyringe to start building a stage in the form of a living room in the middle of this big warehouse. With us, sound, light, cameras, film crew and guests this will be our biggest project so far. And we are over excited about it, it will be fantastic!

    The best thing is that we are inviting you to join us. You will get the chance to be immortalized together with us. You are welcome between 14-18 on Saturday, June 7. That means this Saturday. We cannot guarantee any great audience sound as our focus will be on the recorded sound, hope you understand.
    The address is Hörjavägen 2 – Tyringe. Do not hesitate.