THE GATHERING - Afterwords



    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 24180
    EDAD : 50
    LOCALIZACIÓN : www.ciudadanorock.com

    THE GATHERING - Afterwords

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Vie 06 Sep 2013, 15:23

    Echoes Keep Growing (remake of I Can See For Miles)
    Afterwords (featuring Bart Smits)
    Tuning In, Fading Out (remake of Missing Seasons)
    Gemini III
    Sleep Paralysis (remake of Paralyzed)
    Bärenfels (remake of Heroes for Ghosts)

    Afterwords: This release is a special one. Besides the three songs released on the ‘Afterlights’ EP in 2012, the new album brings two fresh Disclosure remakes. Remakes means not that they are remixed songs. With elements from these tracks the songs are (re-)build into totally new tracks! Also, there are three brand new tracks on this record.

    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Virgo

    MENSAJES : 10097
    EDAD : 42
    LOCALIZACIÓN : Madrid/Cáceres.

    Re: THE GATHERING - Afterwords

    Mensaje por Albytor el Vie 06 Sep 2013, 18:19

    Lo escuché ayer y la verdad es que no me ha hecho mucha gracia, al igual que su última entrega, le falta...no sé, chispa.

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