Venta - 2ªmano (bien cuidado)


    Fallen Angel

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    Venta - 2ªmano (bien cuidado)

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    Pongo lista de música de 2ªmano en venta.

    cd AC/DC "'74 Jailbreak" (remastered) 5€

    cd Accüsed (the) "martha splatterhead´s maddest stories ever told" 22€

    cd Aerosmith "get a grip" 4€

    cd Aerosmith "nine lives" 3,90€

    cd Aerosmith "a little south of sanity" (2cd) 5€

    LP Aerosmith "get a grip" (2LP,1993 ed.) 34€

    cd Aeternus "...and so the night became" 2cd - edición limitada (Tour Edition Bonus Disc) 49€

    cd Agatus "dawn of martyrdom" (no oficial) 38€

    cd Am i blood "agitation" 5€

    LP Anthem "Hunting Time" 10€

    LP Anthem "Gypsy Ways" 10€

    cd As Friends Rust "6 songs cd" 2,50€

    cd As Friends Rust "Won (digipack)" 2,50€

    cd Asgaroth "redshift..." (Abstract emotions) 5,50€

    cd Asyndess "desesperances" 12€

    cd Atman "psy atman" (Abstract Emotions) 6,50€

    cd Bad brains " god of love " 5€

    cd Bad religion " i love my computer"

    (cd single promo - 2 canciones) 3€

    cd Barry white "staying power" 2€

    LP Beach boys "20 golden greats" (2LP) 7€

    cd Beherit " electric doom synthesis" (SPI28CD) 22€

    cd Bird of Ill Omen "When love would´ve show interest in..." 2€

    cd Blind guardian "Tokyo Tales" (0 77778 77562 1) 4€

    cd Broken Promises "Dying before the first step" 2€

    cd Choronzon "magog agog" (Eclipse 009) 8€

    cd Christ Agony "darkside" 6,50€

    cd Cicatriz "colgado por ti" 11€

    cd Course Of Action "Carving our way tearing our faith" 2€

    cd Cramps (the) "bad music for bad people" 3,50€

    cd Crimson moon "to embrace the vampyric blood" (Abyss cd001) 19€

    cd D.r.i. "thrash zone" 11€

    cd Darkane "insanity" 3,50€

    cd Darkseed "give me light" 3,50€

    cd Darkseed "diving into darkness" 3,50€

    cd Demimonde "mutant star" 3,50€

    cd Desekrator "metal for demosns" (H.H.R. 021) 4,50€

    cd Dream theater "systematic chaos" 4€

    cd Drowning "s/t" 2€

    cd Eisheilig "die garten des herrn" (NPR 129) 5,50€

    cd Elend "winds devouring men" (GOI 2003 21) 4,90€

    cd Enemigos (los) "la vida mata" 5€

    cd Everlast "eat at whitey´s" 2,50€

    cd Faith no more "introduce yourself" 3,50€

    cd Flotsam and jetsam "doomsday for the deceiver" 9€

    cd Frank zappa "just another band from l.a." 5€

    cd Freeman "l´palais de justice" 3€

    cd From head to toe "I´m the fuel" 3,50€

    cd Goats (the) "no goats,no glory" 2,50€

    cd Green court feat. de/vision"shinnig/trancefiguration" 4€

    cd Green day "dookie" 3,50€

    cd Hermano "dare i say" digipack 6€

    cd Insomnium "in the halls of awaiting" 5€

    cd Intik "s/t " 3€

    LP Iron maiden " running free live " (maxi single edición española 1985) 33€

    cd Kid Rock "Devil without a cause" 3,50€

    LP King kurt "live and rockin´" 7€

    cd L.A. Guns "live ammo" (251050) 6€

    cd La cabra mecánica "cuando me suenan las tripas" 3,50€

    cd La cabra mecánica "cabrón" 3,50€

    cd La Polla Records "en directo" 9€

    cd La Polla Records "no somos nada" 8€

    cd Leña al mono "leña al mono" 2€

    cd Liar "Deathrow earth" 2€

    LP Libido boyz "opgu" 8€

    cd Limp bizkit "three dollar bill yall$" 3,50€

    cd Limp bizkit "Chocolate Starfish & The Hot Dog Flavored Water" 3€

    cd Linkin park " minutes to midnight" (digipack) 4€

    cd lucifugum "invade" (digipack) 6€

    DVD Mago de oz "a costa da rock" (2 dvds) 5€

    cd Manu key "manuscrit" 3€

    cd Marionettes "rise" 3€

    cd Moon lore "the spheres beneath the heavens" 5,50€

    LP Mortal sin "Every Dog Has its Day" 19€

    cd Mudvayne "the beginning of all things to end" 3,50€

    cd Napalm death "death by manipulation" 8€

    LP Nazareth "No jive" (1ªed. 1991 - mausoleum - ultrararo) 40€

    cd Nebula "let it burn" (+bonus tracks) 7€

    cd Necromicon "peccata mundi" 3,50€

    cd Negate "between anger and pain" 7€

    LP Nightshade "dead of night" 15€

    cd Nofx "i heard they suck live" 5,50€

    cd Nude "cities and faces" 3€

    cd Offense "aside" 6€

    cd Opprobrium "discerning forces" 6,50€

    cd Orphanage "inside" 4€

    cd Overkill "feel the fire" 9€

    LP Pata negra "guitarras callejeras" 13€

    LP Patric Rondat "rape of the earth" 8€

    cd Posession "Anoxia " (digipack) 2€

    cd Porretas "baladas pa un sordo " 15€

    LP Powermad "absolute power" 23€

    LP Queen "greatest hits" 6€

    cd Queens of the stone age "songs for the deaf" 3,50€

    cd Queensryche "Promised land" 3,50€

    LP Rapscallion "Chameleon drool" 7€

    cd Red hot chili peppers "by the way" 3,50€

    cd Remains of the Day "An Underlying Frequency" 2,50€

    cd Republica "speed ballads" 2,50€

    cd Rotting christ "a dead poem" 5€

    cd Shadows fall "of one blood" 3,50€

    cd Shutdown "against all odds" 4,50€

    cd Sixpence none the richer "collage-a portrait of their best" 2,50€

    cd Skunk anansie "stoosh" 4,50€

    cd Skunk anansie "paranoid & sunburnt" 4€

    cd Smash mouth "fush yu mang" 3,50€

    cd Spirit of youth "colors that bleed" 8€

    cd Spitfire "the dead next door" 4€

    cd Steel pulse "tribute to the martyrs" 3,50€

    LP Steeler " undercover animal" 9€

    cd Stretch arm strong "compassion fills the void" 6,50€

    cd Suicidal tendencies "freedumb" (LC 07027) 7€

    cd Taste of fear "taste of fear" (ed. 1994) 9€

    cd Triphammer "triphammer" 20€

    cd Turning point " the few and the proud" 9€

    LP U2 " the joshua tree" 7€

    cd Vision bleak (the) "the deathship has a new captain" 5€

    cd Vision of disorder "Vision of disorder" 3€

    LP Who (the) "face dances" 8€

    cd Yearning "merging into landscapes" 5,50€

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    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Capricornio

    MENSAJES : 100
    EDAD : 44

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    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Capricornio

    MENSAJES : 100
    EDAD : 44

    Re: Venta - 2ªmano (bien cuidado)

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