Vendo cds originales de AOR / Rock melódico.

    Picasso 2
    Fallen Angel

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Tauro

    MENSAJES : 48
    EDAD : 51

    Vendo cds originales de AOR / Rock melódico. Empty Vendo cds originales de AOR / Rock melódico.

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    8084 The last great train 8
    91 SUITE Times they change (Fantastic Spanish AOR) 35
    ABSOLUTE ZERO Never surrender (AOR) 15
    ACES HIGH Ten´n out 15
    ACTION Action (AOR) 8
    AFFAIR Face to face (Melodic rock) 8
    AIRKRAFT In the red (AOR Heaven - 2 bonus tracks) 12
    AIRKRAFT In the red (First pressing) 20
    ALASKA The pack (4 bonus tracks) 35
    ALASKA Anthology (Bernie Marsden) 12
    ALOS Skorpio 69 (spanish AOR) 20
    AMBITION Ambition (AOR, joe Vana, Jean Michel Byrom,.. - Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    AMERICAN TEARS Powerhouse (With Mark Mangold) 6
    AMERICAN TEARS Tear gas (With Mark Mangold) 6
    ANGEL White hot (Japan cd with OBI) 25
    ANGEL HOUSE The gun, the love & the cross (Melodic Rock) 5
    ANGELICA Angelica / Rock stock & Barrell 12
    ARTICA As it should be (first pressing) 15
    ATTRACTION 65 Attraction 65 5
    AURAS New generation (AOR, like Journey) 8
    AVALON Avalon (1995, rare spanish AOR - Melodic rock, produced by Carlos Creator. Oasis Records) 50
    AXE Twenty years from home (2) 12
    BAD HABIT Atmosphere (AOR) 10
    BAGHDAD Baghdad (AOR, 1987) 80
    BALANCE Balance (AOR) 12
    BETH NIELSEN CHAPMAN You hold the key (AOR) 4
    BEYOND Beyond (Japanesse AOR) 20
    BIGSTORM Living in exile (1989, Melodic rock from Australia) 4
    BILLY SQUIER Tell the truth (1993, AOR) 5
    BITTER SWEET Loaded up (Melodic Hard Rock, 2 cds) 8
    B JOE Ready to ride (AOR) 15
    B JOE White white roses (AOR) 15
    BLACK AVALON Dark promises 4
    BLIND ALLEY Destination destiny (AOR) 6
    THE BLONDES Yeah yeah yeah (Melodic rock / AOR) 30
    BLOODGOOD Rock in a hard place / Out of the darkness 15
    BLUE 46 Blue 46 (Melodic rock) 12
    BOBBY KIMBALL All I ever needed (Singer of Toto) (2) 20
    BOB CATLEY Spirit of man (Pormo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    BONEMACHINE Search and destroy (with Ted Poley) 6
    BONFIRE Feels like comin´ home 6
    BOULEVARD Into the street (First pressing) 15
    BOUNCE THE OCEAN Bounce The Ocean (AOR, 1991, with Michael Omartian) 6
    BOYS CLUB Boys Club (AOR, with Joe Pasquale) 8
    BOYSVOICE Serenity 4
    BUDDY SYSTEM, THE St (Christian AOR, 1988) 30
    BURNS BLUE What if… (AOR) (Promo in cardboard sleeve) 2
    CANNATA Watching the world (2 bonus tracks) (AOR) 12
    CANNATA Watching the world (first pressing) (AOR) 12
    CASANOVA Heroes 15
    CASANOVA One night stand 8
    CHAMPION featuring ALEX MACHINE st (1984, Classic AOR from Canada, Long Island Records) 15
    CHRIS CATENA Freak out! 12
    CHRIS CATENA Discovery (Melodic Rock) 5
    CINEMA FACE Cinema Face 8
    CINEMA FACE Face card 4
    CITA Heat of emotion (AOR, ex-AXE) 6
    COBRA First strike (AOR, 1983, with Jimmy Jamison of Survivor) 20
    COLDSPELL Infinite stargaze 8
    CONTAGIOUS The calling (melodic rock) 8
    CORNERSTONE Arrival (Japan cd with OBI) 18
    CRAIG McLACHLAN Hands free 8
    CROWN OF THORNS Killer thorns (Japan cd) 10
    CROWN OF THORNS Crown jewels (3 cds) 15
    DAKOTA Looking back - The anthology (2 cds) 15
    DAN LUCAS 2000! (AOR, with Kane Roberts, John Pierce, etc.) 15
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! 8
    DANGER DANGER Screw it! (with bonus cd "Down and dirty live") 25
    DANIELE LIVERANI Daily trauma 5
    DANNY WILDE Any man´s hunger 20
    DARE Blood from stone 15
    DAVID MULLEN Revival (1989) 5
    DAVID PALAU Divertimento (Spanish melodic rock) 8
    DAYDREAMER Daydreamer (2007, Escape Music) 6
    DC DRIVE DC Drive (1993, Melodic Rock with Michael Romeo) 6
    DEMON DRIVE Heroes 5
    DEN OF THIEVES Honour amongst thieves (Melodic Rock) 8
    DIARY To the edge and beyond (Melodic Hard Rock) (3) 15
    DOMINOE Keep in touch (AOR, Japan cd with OBI) 30
    DOMINOE The key (First pressing) 40
    DON JOHNSON Heart beat (AOR) 8
    DON WOLF Making changes (White Wolf singer) 12
    DOUBLE DEALER Moving target 5
    DRAGON Dreams of ordinary man (AOR) 30
    DREAMER We´ve got the power (AOR) 40
    DRIVE SHE SAID Drivin´ wheel 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Excelerator 18
    DRIVE SHE SAID Road to paradise, Best of 20
    DUNE O.S.T. (Toto) 4
    DWAYNE FORD Needless freaking (AOR - Japan cd with OBI) 30
    EDDA MUVEK Orokseg (Hard rock) 15
    EDDIE & THE TIDE I do it for you 12
    EDEN Oblivion 5
    EDEN Open minds (Hard melodic rock) 5
    EDENBRIDGE Sunrise in Eden 7
    EDGE OF FOREVER Another paradise 5
    ELEKTRADRIVE Elektradrive (with full package) (AOR) 15
    ELLIS BEGGS & HOWARD Homelands (AOR - 1988) 20
    ELYTE Unno (Spanish AOR / Melodic rock) 30
    EMBASSY Edge of rainbow (Melodic hard rock) 12
    EMERALD RAIN Short sighted 4
    ERIC MARTIN Eric Martin 15
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection (sampler) 3
    ESCAPE MUSIC Millenium collection 2 (2 cds sampler) 5
    EUPHORIA At the speed of light 3
    EVENRUDE One size fits all (4 bonus tracks) 8
    EXPLORERS We always want (Melodic Rock from Canada) 30
    EYES Windows of the soul 20
    EYES Full moon (the lost studio sessions) 10
    EYEWITNESS Eyewitness (Ralph Santolla) 12
    EZ LIVIN After the fire (Melodic rock - Pre Bonfire) 8
    FACE TO FACE One big day 35
    FAHRENHEIT Talking ´bout love 15
    FAIR WARNING Early warnings 92-95 (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    FANDANGO The best of (Jap. With OBI) (With Joe Lynn Turner) 25
    FAIR WARNING Brother´s keeper 8
    FAR NORTH What? (first pressing) (Melodic Rock from Sweden) 12
    FATAL ATTRACTION Simplicity rules (AOR) 12
    FATE Cruisin´ for a bruisin 15
    FATE Scratch´n sniff 15
    FERDY DOERNBERG Just a piano and a handful of dreams (Ex-Rough Silk and Axel Rudy Pell) 15
    FIREFLY Automatic 4
    FIRE WITH FIRE Fire with fire 8
    FIREWORKS MAGAZINE (all with promo cds) 1, 2 5
    FLINT STENS MED STANLEY Stenharda latar (Göran Edman, Thomas Vikström,…) 30
    FM Only the strong 15
    FM Black noise 35
    FORCE 10 Force 10 (AOR Pomp) 6
    FOREIGNER Gold collection 4
    FORSALE Stranger in town (1988, featuring Steve Lee & Leo Leoni of Gotthard) 20
    FORTUNE Storyline… (Classic AOR) 12
    FORTUNE Fortune (AOR) 20
    FREDERIKSEN / PHILLIPS Frederiksen / Phillips 30
    FREEFALL Rebel hard 5
    FROM THE INSIDE Visions (With Danny Vaughn) 5
    FRONTRUNNER Up-n-Cummin 8
    GALAXY GROUP Galaxy Group (AOR) 40
    GARY HUGHES Gary Hughes (1992) 25
    GIRAFFE Giraffe (Best of two albums, 17 tracks) 50
    GIUFFRIA Silk and steel (Bonus track) 15
    GLEN BURTNICK Palookaville (AOR) 15
    GOONIES, THE O.S.T. (1985, Japan cd with OBI) 12
    GORKY PARK Gorky Park 15
    GOTTHARD Domino effect (Limited Tour edition including bonus cd) 12
    GTM No more walls 12
    GTS Time stood still (AOR) 50
    HAMISH THE MAC River of hope 6
    HAVEN Haven (Female fronted melodic rock) 5
    HEADLINE Heartstream (Melodic rock) 6
    HEADLINE Duality (2 cds) (Melodic Prog Metal) 8
    HEADPINS Anthology ( 8
    HEART A lovemongers´ Christmas 6
    HEARTLAND As it comes (AOR) 8
    HEAT, THE Untold story vol. I (classic AOR) 20
    HEAT, THE Untold story vol. II (classic AOR) 20
    HEAVEN Knockin´ on heaven´s door (7 bonus tracks) 12
    HEAVEN Where angels fear to thread 8
    HEAVEN´S EDGE Some other place, some other time 8
    HIGHEST DREAM Far away from here (AOR) 6
    HIRSH GARDNER Wasteland for broken hearts (AOR) 6
    HOBBIT All for the one (Pomp AOR) 6
    HOBBIT Rockin´the shire 6
    HOLY WATER The collected sessions 8
    HOT NIGHT IN THE CITY V.A. (Bystander, Everest,..) 15
    HUSH Hush featuring Robert berry (AOR) 8
    HYBRID ICE Hybrid Ice (Classic Pomp AOR) 20
    I-TEN Taking a cold look (Fantastic AOR) 15
    IAN LLOYD & STORIES Travelling underground 25
    IAN PARRY Symphony of dreams (AOR) 15
    ILLUSTRATOR Illustrator (AOR - 1987) 8
    IN AND OUT In and Out (1992) 30
    JADED HEART The journey will never end 8
    JADED HEART Helluva time 12
    JADED HEART Inside out (first pressing) 20
    JANATA Janata (1990) 6
    JAVAN Somewhere in the night (Melodic rock) 15
    JEAN BEAUVOIR Chameleon (promo in cardboard sleeve. I will trade 2 or 3 for 1 of yours) 2
    JEFF AUSTIN PROJECT Go big or stay home (AOR) 5
    JEFF SCOTT SOTO Love parade 8
    JERUSALEM Classics 2 40
    JESSE DAMON The hand that rocks 5
    JET TRAIL Edgo of existence (melodic rock) 5
    JOHN BONGIOVI The Power Station years 5
    JOHN MILES BAND Transition (AOR) 10
    JOHNNY LEE MICHAELS REVENGE United states of mind (1988, Finnish AOR with bluesy touch) 40
    JOHN PARR Man with a vision (AOR) 15
    JOSHUA PERAHIA Surrender (2) 15
    JOURNEY Generations (promo in carboard sleeve - I would trade 2 or 3 for 1) 2
    JOURNEY Time 1, 2, 3 (without big cardboard box) 15
    JUKEBOX HEROES Jukebox Heroes (Melodic Rock) 80
    KANSAS Drastic measures 12
    KANSAS King Biscuit (Live with Steve Morse) 6
    KARLA Karla (1990, Melodic Hard Rock) 12
    KEE MARCELLO Shine on (Europe guitarrist) 40
    KICK New horizon ( with bonus cd) 8
    KICK AXE Rock the world (1 bonus track) 8
    KONKURENT Escape from paradise (AOR) 30
    KUNI Fucked up! (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    L.A. Unfinished business (2 cds) 6
    LANCE While the giant sleeps (AOR) 20
    LAND OF TALES Land of Tales (Melodic rock) 5
    LANE Diced (Melodic hard rock) 30
    LAPOINTE Obsession 10
    LAST TRIBE The ritual 8
    LAURENCE ARCHER L.A. (AOR, 1986) 8
    LEA HART Trapped (Melodic hard rock) 15
    LEE AARON Lee Aaron (1984) 8
    LEE AARON Silck chick 20
    LEGEND SEVEN Blind faith (Melodic hard rock) 12
    LEO LYON´S KICK Tough trip through paradise 9
    LIAISON Urgency (AOR - 1991) 6
    LIESEGANG WHITE Visual surveillance of extremities 5
    LIGHTSPEED Waves (Pomp AOR) 6
    LILLIAN AXE Lillian Axe 8
    LOST & FOUND Welcome to the real world (AOR) 8
    LOU GRAMM Ready or not 6
    LOU GRAMM Long hard look 6
    LOVE CHILD Love Child (Japan cd with OBI, like Dokken) 50
    LOVE MACHINE Hungry for your love (Hard Melodic Rock) 15
    LOVERBOY Just getting started 6
    MacALPINE Eyes of the world 12
    MAD MAX Stormchild 15
    MAD MAX Night of passion 8
    MAGNUM Goodnight L.A. 12
    MAGNUM Princess Alice and the broken arrow (Limited edition with DVD) 15
    MAMA´S BOYS Relativity (5 bonus tracks) 12
    MAMMOTH The collection (Melodic rock) 8
    MARA Poetry & Motion 8
    MARI HAMADA Tomorrow (Japan cd with OBI) 15
    MARK FREE Long way from love 20
    MARK BOYCE All over the world (1989, AOR) 15
    MARSHALL MONROE Lujo y pasion (Spanish Melodic Rock, 1987) 20
    MATTADOR Save us from ourselves 20
    MEN, THE The Men (AOR, 1992, Polydor) 5
    MERCY Mercy (AOR, Broken Records) 5
    MESSAGE St (1995, Long Island Records) 15
    MESSANO Messano 8
    METROPOLIS The power of the night (AOR - Peter Fredette & Stan Meissner) 20
    MICHAEL MCDERMOTT Gethsemane (Melodic Rock) 5
    MICHAEL MORALES Michael Morales (AOR) 8
    MICHAEL RODGERS I got love (1989) 15
    MICHAEL THOMPSON BAND MTB (First Geffen pressing) 15
    MICHAEL ZEE Five seven maybe five eight (AOR, Long Island Records) 8
    MICK POWELL Long overdue (Melodic rock) 50
    MILES ABOVE Move or be moved (AOR, Escape Music) 4
    MILLENIUM The best of…and more 8
    M.ILL.ION No. 1 6
    MISS B. HAVEN Miss B. Haven (Female AOR) 20
    MYSTERY At the dawn of a new millennium (Melodic Rock) 8
    NAKED CITY Crawlin (Hard Melodic Rock) 6
    NANCY WILSON Live at McCabes Guitar Shop 5
    NEIL ZAZA Staring at the sun (with Steve Smith, Ross Valory, Stu Hamm,..) 8
    NELSON After the rain (AOR) 6
    NORTHERN LIGHT Northern Light (AOR - Fergie Frederiksen, Tony Mills,..) 8
    NOTORIOUS Notorious (Robin George / Sean Harris) 8
    NOVAK Forever endeavour (AOR) 4
    NOVELLA A liquid earth (Melodic rock) 8
    O´RYAN Something strong (AOR) 8
    ONLY CHILD Only Child 12
    PARTLAND BROTHERS Electric honey (AOR) 5
    PASSION PLAY Time stands still (AOR) 6
    PAT BENATAR Innamorata - 8/15/80 (2 cds) 9
    PAUL LAINE Can´t get enuff 20
    PAUL SABU Heartbreak 8
    PETER HOFMANN Wild and lonely heart (AOR - 1990) 5
    PETER STEVENS BAND Taken by the light (AOR) 5
    PETRA Petra 25
    PHENOMENA Innervision 6
    PHOENIX DOWN Under a wild sky (Kane Roberts) 5
    PINK CREAM 69 One size fits all 12
    PINK CREAM 69 Thunderdome (promo) 2
    PLATENS Between two horizons 8
    POLE POSITION Pole Position (Super Hard Rock from Sweden) (2) 30
    POODLES, THE Sweet trade (Melodic rock) 7
    POWERGLIDE Where do we go from here 20
    PRAGMA Enpleinair 5
    PRAYING MANTIS The journey goes on 8
    PRIDE Another fine mess 20
    PRIVATE LIFE Private Life (Hard Melodic Rock produced by Eddie Van Halen) 5
    PROBLEM CHILD Problem Child (1985) 8
    PROPHET Cycle of the moon (Super Melodic Rock) 20
    PROMISE, THE The Promise (AOR - 1995 - Now & Then) 8
    PROTOTYPE Prototype (1983, Fantastic AOR) 20
    PUSHKING Village songs 8
    R.P.M. Revolutions per minute (AOR - 2 cds) 8
    RAIN Stronger (With Michael Bormann) 6
    RAMOS Living in the light 12
    RANSOM Trouble in paradise (AOR) 8
    RATTLES Hot wheels 5
    RED RIDER As far as Siam (AOR from Canada) 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Hi Infedility 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Good trouble 5
    REO SPEEDWAGON Live plus 5
    RETURN Return 8
    RETURN The best of.. 15
    RICK CUA Midnight sun (AOR) 5
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Rock of life (first pressing) (2) 12
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (first pressing) 12
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Tao (Rock Candy) 8
    RICK SPRINGFIELD Working class dog 8
    ROADMASTER Hey world (Pomp AOR) 25
    ROBERT BERRY Takin it back 40
    ROBERT MURDOCK Don´t quit your day job (AOR) 20
    ROBIN BECK Trouble or nothing 15
    ROBIN BECK Human instinct 12
    ROBIN BECK Do you miss me 6
    ROCK THE NATIONS Z Records sampler 3
    ROCK THE NATIONS 2 Z Records sampler (2 cds) 6
    ROM Read only memory 25
    ROMEO´S DAUGHTER Romeo´s Daughter (first pressing) (1988, Female fronted AOR) (2) 18
    ROUGH First cut (1988) 30
    ROUGH CUTT Rough Cutt (Japan cd with OBI) 30
    ROXANNE Roxanne (First press, Scotti Bros, 1986) 20
    RTZ (RETURN TO ZERO) Lost 30
    RUBICON Rubicon / America dreams (AOR with Jack Blades) 8
    SACRED Beyond the end of the world (Spanish melodic rock) 5
    SAHARA SNOW Sahara Snow (Rick Springfield - Bob Marlette - Tim Pierce) 12
    SAKER Saker (Melodic hard Rock - Retrospect Records) 8
    SARAYA Saraya (first pressing) 12
    SARGANT FURY Still want more (Hard heavy rock) 25
    SARGANT FURY Little fish 15
    SCARLET ROSE Prime (Melodic rock) 30
    SCRAM Scram (Classic AOR) 8
    SCREAM IN EDEN Original sin 8
    SEAN CHRISTOPHER Life goes on (melodic rock) 50
    SHAKRA Power ride (Melodic Hard Rock) 8
    SHANNON Shannon (AOR) 6
    SHAW BLADES Hallucination 5
    SHY Once bitten..twice.. 12
    SHY Welcome to the madhouse 15
    SIGNAL Loud & clear (First pressing) 15
    SKIN DEEP On the rampage (Melodic rock) (2) 15
    SKIN DEEP Painful day 12
    SOJOURN Lookin´ for more (AOR - 10 bonus tracks) 8
    SONIC STATION Sonic Station (AOR, 2012) 8
    SOUL DOCTOR Soul Doctor 8
    SPEEDWAY BLVD. Speedway Blvd. (Classic Pomp AOR) 20
    STAN BUSH Language of the heart (AOR) 8
    STAR COLLECTOR Rock of ages (Melodic rock) 20
    STEFAN ANDERSSON Walk right on (AOR) 5
    STEVE THOMSON Steve Thomson (AOR) 6
    STONEWALL WEEKEND Hungry for more (melodic rock) 6
    STORMZONE Caught in the act (Melodic hard rock) 8
    STORYTELLER´S RAIN A rock musical by Ferdy Doernberg 5
    STRANDED Long way to heaven (Classic AOR) 6
    STRANGEWAYS Any day now 25
    STREETS Shakedown 5
    STUN LEER Once (Melodic rock) 8
    STYX Boat on the river 5
    STYX One with everything (with the Contemporary Youth Orchestra) 5
    SUN´N´STEEL Wicked world 12
    SURVIVOR Reach 8
    SWEET F.A. Temptation 10
    SWEET F.A. Stick to your guns 10
    TAMARA CHAMPLIN You won´t get to heaven alive (AOR, with Bruce Gaitsch, Bill Champlin, Randy Cantor,etc.) 8
    TED POLEY Smile 8
    TEMPESTT Bring´em on 5
    TERI TIMS Whole lotta trouble (AOR, produced by Paul Sabu) 20
    TERRY GANN If you´re listenin 8
    THE BELIEVERS Extraordinary life (1992, AOR) 5
    THE BOX The pleasure and the pain (AOR) 6
    THE KEY The world is watching (Melodic Rock, with Billy Sherwood) 4
    THINK OUT LOUD Shelf life 35
    TIM FEEHAN Tim Feehan 12
    TIM FEEHAN Pray for rain (AOR) 20
    TOKEN Tomorrowland (Melodic rock) 5
    TOMMY DENANDER Less is more - Part one (With Jeff Porcaro, Mike Procaro, David Paich, etc.) 40
    TOMMY JAMES Hi-fi (AOR) 5
    TOMMY SHAW Ambition 20
    TOTAL STRANGER Total Stranger (2 bonus tracks, Japan cd with OBI) 20
    TOUCH The complete works (2 cds) (Classic AOR, with Mark Mangold) 20
    TOYZ House of cards (AOR) 8
    TRADE MARK Fatal blues (Melodic Hard Rock from Greece) 30
    TREAT Treat (1992) 12
    TROX NEWMAN It´s like this (AOR) 4
    TROY NEWMAN Gypsy moon (AOR) 3
    TYKETTO Shine 20
    V.A. Album Network - Unsigned bands 8
    V.A. Coast to coast - FM Records (1987) 15
    V.A. Hot night in the city (Bystander, Allien Nation,…) 8
    V.A. Melodic Mayhem - volume 3 (Alien, Bad Habit, GTS, etc.) 15
    V.A. Rock the bones - Frontiers (2 cds) 8
    V.A. The awakening volume 1 - Now & Then 4
    VALENSIA Gaia (Japan cd) 8
    VANILLA NINJA Love is war 12
    VICE Made for pleasure (Melodic Hard Rock, 1988) 12
    WALK THE WIRE ST (Super AOR) (2) 15
    WHITE LION Fight to survive (Music for Nations) 15
    WHITE LION Last roar 8
    WILD BLUE No more jinx (AOR) (2) 8
    WILD FORCE Jungle of love (1990, Hard Rock from Finland) 12
    WILDFIRE Summer lightning (Melodic rock - 1984) 8
    WONDERLAND Is this… (Melodic rock like Dokken) 40
    WORK FORCE Work Force (AOR) 15
    XT XT (AOR) 4