GREGG ROLIE - Gringo



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    GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Vie 06 Ene 2012, 17:35

    After his departure from JOURNEY and before the forming of THE STORM, keyboarder/singer Gregg Rolie started a solo career in the mid 1980’s. Two years after his self-titled debut, he released the sophomore album “Gringo”. The album features an impressive list of guest musicians, among others Bob Marlette, Neal Schon, Dan Huff, Carlos Santana Vinnie Colaiuta. The production was handled by Richie Zito (HEART, WHITE LION, BAD ENGLISH a. o.) and David Kershenbaum (Tracy Chapman, Bryan Adams a. o.) while for the songwriting Gregg Rolie got some help from Martin Page, Peter Becket and André Pessis. It goes without saying that an album created by such professionals became a true gem! Stylistically you can shelf “Gringo” right next to Robert Tepper’s “No Easy Way Out”, VAN STEPHENSON’s “Suspicious He art” and THE ARROW’s “The Lines Are Open”. The comparison with the latter it no coincidence, since Gregg Rolie covered their hit song “Talk Talk” for “Gringo”. The legendary opener “The Hands Of Time”, the pompous “Don’t Wanna Be Alone Tonight”, the fast-paced “Too Late, Too Late”, the smooth ballad “Fire At Night” (featuring an amazing guitar solo duel between Neal Schon and Carlos Santana) and the quite poppy “I Will Get To You” are further highlights featured on “Gringo”. I am still in love with this album and in my opinion it’s a true classic. Unfortunately the AOR HEAVEN CLASSIX reissue doesn’t include any bonus tracks, but as usual it was remastered by Chris Lyne (SOUL DOCTOR) and includes some liner notes by Dave Reynolds.


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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por jarryguo el Vie 06 Ene 2012, 17:56

    Discazon producido por el gran Richie Zito!! Mucho mejorzon que su homónimo de 1985! A reidinvicar Doritos con sabor a tuetanomente!!

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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por Robert el Vie 06 Ene 2012, 18:18

    GREGG ROLIE - Gringo (1987)

    Gregg & Neal Schon founded Journey in 1974, he was the lead vocalist and keyboardist, but when Steve Perry enter the band, he lost prominence.
    Unhappy with his role, Rolie left the band in 1980.
    The 1st album didn't see the light until 1985.
    This one, "Gringo" (later re-released as 'Hands of Time') his 2nd and much better in my opinion, includes monster star contributions.
    Richie Zito produced, Santana played on "Too Late, Too Late", and Carlos & Neal Schon traded solos on "Fire at Night".
    Colaiuta & Nathan East are the best rhythm section you can have, and Dan Huff, Pizzulo, etc...
    Style similar to Glen Burtnick, Joe Pascuale, Rick Springfield.
    No weak tracks here, lush production, killer songs.
    A must have in any AOR collection.

    1. The Hands of Time
    2. Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonight
    3. Talk Talk
    4. I Couldn't Lie to You
    5. One of These Days
    6. Too Late, Too Late
    7. Fire at Night
    8. You Make It Hard on Me
    9. I Will Get to You

    Gregg Rolie: keyboards, vocals
    Bob Marlette; keyboards, guitars
    Gary Chang: keyboards
    Arthur Barrow: keyboards
    Neal Schon: guitar
    Dan Huff: guitar
    Carlos Santana: guitar
    Vinnie Colaiuta: drums
    Nathan East: bass
    Joe Pizzulo: backing vocals

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    MENSAJES : 14778
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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por Robert el Vie 06 Ene 2012, 18:21

    q Absolutamente Nadie q Ame el A.O.R. con teclados celestiales se pierda esta mi super prefe d siempre del Greg:

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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por godsaveaor el Vie 06 Ene 2012, 19:07

    Disco con temazos que dejan entrever el embrion de joyas que descubririamos mas tarde en The Storm (con sello Rolie).

    carlos cuerda
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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por carlos cuerda el Sáb 07 Ene 2012, 12:55

    hola tengo 16 años me podeis acer un listado de solistas de los 80 tipo gregg rolie asi hi tech

    trying to understand
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    Re: GREGG ROLIE - Gringo

    Mensaje por trying to understand el Sáb 07 Ene 2012, 13:34

    Está de PM este disco, una pena que este hombre se crea que canta bien y lo haga tanto aquí como en The Storm, con un cantante en condiciones mejoraría la cosa, aún así, discazo como la copa de un pino.

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