Trilogía básica de DORO


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    Trilogía básica de DORO

    Mensaje por WACKY el Dom 16 Oct 2011, 16:11

    ¿ Cuál os gusta mas ?


    Doro Pesch - Vocals
    Jon Levin - Guitar (Actual guitarra de Dokken)
    Tommy Henricksen - Bass
    Bobby Rondinelli - Drums

    1.A Whiter Shade of Pale
    2.Save My Soul
    3.World Gone Wild
    4.Mission of Mercy
    5.Angels With Dirty Faces
    6.Beyond the Trees
    7.Hard Times
    9.I Am What I Am
    10.Cry Wolf
    11.Under the Gun
    12.River of Tears
    13.Bis aufs Blut


    Vocals - Doro Pesch
    Guitar - Tommy Thayer (Black N Blue, Kiss), Lanny Cordolla (House of LOrds)
    Bass - Chuck Wright (Quiet Riot), E.J. Curse, Todd Jensen
    Keyboards - Paul Morris, Pat Regan, Karen Childs
    Drums - Kevin Valentine, Tommy Amato, Chris Frazier

    1.Unholy Love
    2.I Had Too Much to Dream
    3.Rock On
    4.Only You (Kiss cover)
    5.I'll Be Holding On
    6.Something Wicked this Way Comes
    7.Rare Diamond


    Doro Pesch - vocals, arrangements
    Jack Ponti - Compositions, guitars, bass, keyboards, producer, arrangements, mixing
    Vic Pepe - guitars, producer, arrangements
    Eric Gales - guitar solos on "Heaven With You", "Born To Bleed" and "Bad Blood"
    Eugene Gales - guitar solos on "Last Day Of My Life" and "Don't Go"
    Nick Douglas, Matt Nelson - bass
    Harold Frazee - keyboards
    Joey Franco - drums

    1.Eye On You
    2.Bad Blood
    3.Last Day Of My Life
    4.Born To Bleed
    6.You Ain't Lived (Till You're Loved To Death)
    7.So Alone Together
    8.All I Want
    9.Enough For You
    10.Heaven With You
    11.Don't Go
    12.Alles ist gut

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    Re: Trilogía básica de DORO

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    pues sinceramente , me gustan mas el fight y el warrior soul, despues me quedaria con el angels never die

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    Re: Trilogía básica de DORO

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    Force Majure de cabeza, el siguiente me parece muy flojo

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