Magnum "The Gathering"

    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Aries

    MENSAJES : 13548
    EDAD : 40
    LOCALIZACIÓN : Santurtzi, txozniguas a pales!!

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    Mensaje por jarryguo el Sáb 06 Nov 2010, 19:00

    Magnum "The Gathering" 4391067

    Acaba de salir a la ventigua esta quintuple caja de la banda Britanica de AOR sinfonico. Caras B, versiones alternativas, directos, temiguas ineditos...a mi su ultima etapigua salvo el buen "Princess Allice" no me convence toalla portugueramente, pero esto es totalmente imprescindible y a muy buen precio, unos 40 leurikiguos, y seguro que en amazon y similares lo encontrais mas baratiguo txi cabe...

    1. Stormbringer
    2. Find The Time (Kingdom Of Madness Session Outtake)
    3. In The Beginning
    4. Baby Rock Me
    5. Universe
    6. Invasion
    7. Kingdom Of Madness (Alternative version)
    8. Great Adventure
    9. Changes (7” Single Remix)
    10. The Battle
    11. All Of My Life
    12. If I Could Live Forever (Live)
    13. Foolish Heart (Live)
    14. Lords Of Chaos (Live)
    15. The Lights Burned Out (Chase The Dragon Session Outtake)
    16. Soldier Of The Line
    17. On The Edge Of The World
    18. The Spirit
    19. The Teacher

    1. Back To Earth (7” Single A-Side)
    2. Hold Back Your Love (7” Single B-Side)
    3. Long Days, Black Nights (7” Single B-Side)
    4. True Fine Love (The Eleventh Hour! Session Outtake)
    5. The Word (Orchestral version)
    6. The Prize
    7. Breakdown
    8. Vicious Companions
    9. One Night Of Passion
    10. Road To Paradise
    11. All England’s Eyes (On A Storyteller’s Night Demo)
    12. How Far Jerusalem?
    13. Just Like An Arrrow
    14. On A Storyteller’s Night
    15. Les Morts Dansant
    16. Lonely Night
    17. Need A Lot Of Love
    18. Midnight (You Won’t Be Sleeping) (12” Single Remix)

    1. When The World Comes Down (12” Single Full-Length version)
    2. Vigilante
    3. Days Of No Trust (12” Single Extended version)
    4. Wild Swan
    5. It Must Have Been Love
    6. Don’t Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young)
    7. Start Talking Love
    8. Crying Time (Single B-Side)
    9. C’est La Vie (12” Single Bonus Track)
    10. Maybe Tonight (Single B-Side)
    11. Rockin’ Chair
    12. Heartbroke And Busted
    13. What Kind Of Love Is This?
    14. Hanging Tree (Single B-Side)
    15. Cry For You (Single B-Side)

    1. Where Do You Run To (12” Single B-Side)
    2. Stormy Weather
    3. Only In America
    4. Just A Little Bit (Single B-Side)
    5. Maybe Tonight (Acoustic version)
    6. Without Your Love (Acoustic version)
    7. We All Need To Be Loved
    8. The Tall Ships
    9. The Last Dance (Live from The Farewell Tour)
    10. Sacred Hour (Live from The Farewell Tour)
    11. Breath Of Life
    12. Brand New Morning
    13. Dragons Are Real
    14. Thank You For The Day
    15. The Moonking
    16. A Face In The Crowd

    1. Vigilante
    2. Wild Swan
    3. Start Talking Love
    4. On A Storyteller’s Night
    5. Need A Lot Of Love
    6. How Far Jerusalem?
    7. Lonely Night
    8. Days Of No Trust
    9. Don’t Wake The Lion (Too Old To Die Young)
    10. Midnight (You Won’t Be Sleeping)
    11. Just Like An Arrow
    12. Kingdom Of Madness
    13. The Spirit
    14. Sacred Hour
    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 24180
    EDAD : 53
    LOCALIZACIÓN : .......

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    Mensaje por PeterGriffin el Sáb 06 Nov 2010, 19:03

    Una caja muy apetitosa, solo falta que le hubieran metido un DVD.
    caido en little big horn
    Fallen Angel Diamond

    SEXO : Masculino
    ZODIACO : Géminis

    MENSAJES : 12076
    EDAD : 47

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    Mensaje por caido en little big horn el Sáb 06 Nov 2010, 19:16

    Yo me la voy a pillar fijo. Parece muy buen material.
    Fallen Angel Platinum

    ZODIACO : Escorpio

    MENSAJES : 2375
    EDAD : 44

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    Mensaje por krokus el Sáb 06 Nov 2010, 20:21

    Parece que es algo similar a lo que hizo BON JOVI con 100.000.000 bon jovi FANS CAN´T BE WRONG. Yo tambien lo voy a comprar.

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