JEFF SCOTT SOTO . Live in Madrid DVD


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    JEFF SCOTT SOTO . Live in Madrid DVD

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    CD contents include:

    '21st Century'
    'Colour My XTC'
    'Soul Divine'
    'Our Song'
    Edu drum solo
    'Funky Jam'
    Jorge guitar solo
    'Eyes Of Love'
    Band Introductions
    'Broken Man'

    Piano Medley: 'If This Is The End'/'Holding On'/'Nobody Said It Was Easy'/'4 U'/'Just Between Us'
    'Gin & Tonic Sky'
    JSS/Jorge workshop
    'I'll Be Waiting'
    'Stand Up'
    Funky Medley: 'We Will Rock You'/'I Love Rock & Roll'/'Play That Funky Music'/'Jungle Boogie'/'The Roof Is On Fire'/'Brick House'/'Shake Your Booty'/'Kung Fu Fighting'/'Yo Baby Yo'/'Macho Man'/'The Right Stuff'/'Ice Ice Baby'/'Stayin’ Alive'/'Another One Bites The Dust'/'Walk This Way'

    The DVD includes the full show tracklisting plus the following extras:
    - Video clips: 'Holding On', 'Eyes Of Love', 'Believe In Me' (with Neal Schon), 'If This Is The End', '21st Century', 'Hey', 'Gin & Tonic Sky'
    - Special Tribute video - In Memory of Marcel Jacob

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    Re: JEFF SCOTT SOTO . Live in Madrid DVD

    Mensaje por Albytor el Jue 22 Oct 2009, 19:04

    Tendre que comprarlo para ver si se me la calva entre el público.

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    Re: JEFF SCOTT SOTO . Live in Madrid DVD

    Mensaje por bilboker el Jue 22 Oct 2009, 23:50

    No fui a esta última gira, pero las dos veces que he visto a JSS en solitario me lo he pasado jamón, así que trataré de hacerme con el documento.

    Me gusta el estilo de los de Krea Productions.

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